Pickleball Court Surfaces & Construction

SportMaster contractors install Pickleball court surfaces and perform construction using the same methods as utilized on tennis courts. When building a Pickleball court, is equally important to secure an experienced contractor with knowledge of tennis court and sports construction. This will ensure that you get proper construction, slope, and drainage for your Pickleball court.

Pickleball Court Construction & Surfacing

Once the asphalt or concrete slab is in place and properly cured, it is time to choose an acrylic SportMaster Pickleball court surfacing system. The PickleMaster surfacing system offers the largest array of Pickleball surface colors, with 17 standard colors in which to choose. PickleMaster RTU will also provide the same surface results for Pickleball, with 8 standard colors. The PickleMaster family of surfacing systems are engineered for Pickleball. The specialized texture is ideal for non-slip pickleball play, but not too aggressive for extending the life of pickleballs. Ask a SportMaster representative or installer for more information, if your are interested in learning more about PickleMaster.

These illustrations show examples of the PickleMaster system layers:

Pickleball Court Surfaces

pickleball court surfaces

Cushioned Pickleball Court Surfaces

cushioned pickleball court surfaces

PickleMaster Surfacing System For Pickleball Courts

The PickleMaster™ System, by SportMaster© is Revolutionizing Pickleball Court Surfaces.

How the System Works: PickleMaster is available in 30-gal & 55-gal containers. The coating is produced and factory-blended with a specific blend of aggregates for slip-resistance, and comes in a neutral (untinted) base.  1 gallon of SportMaster ColorPlus Pigment Dispersion will fully pigment 15 gallons of PickleMaster.  Each 30-gal keg requires a minimum of 2 ColorPlus gallons & the 55-gallon drum requires a minimum of 4 ColorPlus gallons.

Ease of Mixing: ColorPlus™ is a highly concentrated pigment dispersion that disperses readily into the PickleMaster™ pickleball court surface coating. Our proprietary technology enables ColorPlus™ to disperse completely with minimal mixing.

Exceptional Quality: The ultra-fine particle size of the ColorPlus™ Pigment Dispersion produces vibrant, consistent color quality on pickleball court surfaces.

Greater Inventory Control & Lower Shipping Costs: By stocking a single base product, contractors are able to optimize warehouse storage space and reduce shipping costs. The ColorPlus™ System takes much of the guesswork out of ordering pickleball court surfaces. Contractors simply maintain a minimal level of ColorPlus™ Pigment in one gallon buckets.

The Most Color Choices In The Sport Surfacing Industry: There are 17 standard colors available, and a large variety of options through our ColorPlus Fusion blends.

Pickleball Court PaintSportMaster Pickleball Courts

PickleMaster RTU (Ready To Use) For Pickleball Courts

PickleMaster RTU (ready to use) is available in 8 standard colors, and contains the proper dilution, pigment, and texture package.

This is the easiest choice for pickleball court surfacing. Just open the lid, mix with a drill and paddle mixer attachment (in case any settling occurs). After mixing, pour into a windrow (puddle) across the width of the court area, and apply with a soft rubber squeegee.

ProCushion System For Pickleball

The ProCushion System, depicted in the illustration above, is the ultimate professional and residential cushioned option for pickleball court surfaces. This 100% acrylic coating system is designed to provide optimum resilience and joint-friendly play. The shock absorbing layers of the ProCushion system provide unparalleled player comfort at an affordable cost. Flexible acrylic binders maintain the cushion feel of the rubber granules for many years after application.

Pro Cushion System Components

The standard PickleMaster ProCushion System consists of the following:

  • 1 to 2 coats of Acrylic Resurfacer
  • 3 coats of CushionMaster™ II
  • 2 coats of CushionMaster™ I
  • 2 to 3 coats of PickleMaster™ with ColorPlus™ Pigment Dispersion.
  • Additional coats of CushionMaster™ II can be added for even softer playing surfaces.  5 coats of CushionMaster™ II and 2 coats of CushionMaster™ I is called the premium ProCushion system.

Each layer in these systems serve a specific purpose, and contribute to the quality of the finished court.

  • Vibrant, consistent finishes allow for safe, non-slip play in dry or damp conditions. (Available in a popular palette of colors, currently 16 standard colors)
  • Multiple acrylic pickleball court surfaces form the firm, uniform and durable wearing surface.
  • CushionMaster is an upgrade of additional rubberized coats that provides dynamic response to body impact, attenuates foot and leg shock, and reduces body fatigue.
  • Acrylic Resurfacer is the base coat that fills voids in the pavement and adds texture for the cushion granules to “grab” onto during application.
  • SportMaster pickleball court surfaces can be installed indoors or outdoors, on asphalt or concrete.
  • Additional SportMaster products are used for patching, leveling and crack sealing.

SportMaster pickleball court surfaces can be used for a variety of sports other than pickleball. Other racquet sports like Tennis, Badminton and variations like Paddle Tennis and Paddleball are commonly played on acrylic surfaces. Multi-court applications with blended, or different color, lines for each sport can easily be installed to provide a variety of game options on the same court.

Pickleball Surface Color Coatings

Pickleball Court Surface Pigment


A professional-grade pickleball surfacing system for asphalt, concrete, or existing acrylic acrylic sport surfaces. PickleMaster is the official court surface of the USAPA (USA Pickleball Assocation). USA Pickleball is the governing body of pickleball in the United States.

pdf-iconSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Pickleball Court Surface Pigment

ColorPlus Pigment Dispersion

A highly concentrated pigment dispersion designed to disperse readily and completely in un-tinted pickleball court surfaces (Neutral Concentrate & Neutral Concentrate with sand). Available in 16 standard colors.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Acrylic Pickleball Court Surfaces

PickleMaster RTU (Ready To Use)

Ideal for do-it-yourselfers (DIY applications) & maintenance crews . It is fully pigmented and properly diluted with specialized aggregate for pickleball. Simply stir, pour, and apply by soft rubber squeegee to achieve vibrant pickleball court paint in 8 standard colors.  PickleMaster RTU is the official court surface of the USA Pickleball Association.

pdf-iconSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Cushioned Pickleball Surfaces

Pickleball Court Cushion

CushionMaster I – Fine Rubber

Acrylic emulsion that provides resilience and establishes the base texture to impart the pace of the pickleball court surfaces. Contains fine rubber particles and fills voids and levels the final cushion components.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Rubber Pickleball Court Surfaces

CushionMaster II – Coarse Rubber

Acrylic emulsion that provides resilience and establishes the build and thickness of cushioned pickleball court surfaces. Contains coarse rubber particles for use on the initial coats.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Acrylic Resurfacers

Neutral Acrylic Resurfacer

Acrylic Resurfacer

100% Acrylic resurfacer is designed to smooth and level pavement prior to application of pickleball court surfaces. Can be used for a coating or patching material. Available in Black and Neutral.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Textured Acrylic Resurfacer

Acrylic Resurfacer with Sand

100% Acrylic resurfacer is designed to smooth and level pavement prior to colored pickleball court surfacing layers. Can be used for a coating or patching material. Sand is already mixed eliminating the need to mix on site. Available in Black and Neutral.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Repair & Finishing Products

Pickleball Court Surface Leveling

Acrylic Patch Binder

100% Acrylic liquid binder designed for on-site mixing with sand and cement. Ideal for leveling and repairing low spots and depressions up to 1/2 inch deep. Apply prior to Acrylic Resurfacer and pickleball court surfaces.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Pickleball Court Surface Repairs


Premium grade heavy-bodied 100% acrylic elastomeric crack filler. Remains flexible at temperatures below zero. Available in red, green or neutral colors to blend in with existing pickleball court surfaces.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Pickleball Court Crack Filler

Acrylic Crack Patch

100% Acrylic trowel grade crack filler. Fortified with sand for filling cracks up to 1 inch wide. Available in red, green, blue, or neutral. Neutral can be tinted with ColorPlus or colored pickleball court surfaces to match court without resurfacing.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

CourtFlex Pickleball Surface Repair

CourtFlex Crack Sealant

100% Acrylic elastomeric crack sealant designed for filling cracks up to 1/2 inch wide. Flexible down to -10 ºF. Available in red, green or neutral. CourtFlex is also tintable with pickleball court surfaces and ColorPlus for ease of maintenance.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Pickleball Court Surface Line Paint

T/C White Line Paint

100% Acrylic water based line paint highly pigmented for one coat coverage. For striping pickleball court and other sports surfaces.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Textured Surface Line Paint

T/C Textured White Line Paint

100% Acrylic water based textured line paint highly pigmented for one coat coverage on pickleball court and other atletic surfaces.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Pickleball Surface Line Primer

Stripe Rite

For Sharp Lines! 100% Acrylic clear drying emulsion primer that is applied prior to T/C line paint to fill the minor voids between the masking tape and the pickleball court surface. Assures crisp, razor-sharp lines.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

SportWax Pickleball Surface Sealer

SportWax Clear Coat

Clear drying 100% acrylic top coat for pickleball court surfaces, tennis courts, and more. Extends the life of color coatings. Ready-to-use.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet

Concrete Pickleball Surface Primer

Acrylic Adhesion Promoter

100% Acrylic emulsion primer designed to promote the adhesion of repair products and pickleball court surfaces. Apply by spray, roller, or brush. Ready-to-use.

pdf-iconMSDS Sheetpdf-iconSpecification Sheet