Introducing, the ColorPlus Fusion System.

Derived from the original ColorPlus Pigment Dispersions, Fusion combines an equal blend of two standard colors to create an exciting new expanded catalog of colors. With the small packaging size of ColorPlus pigments and the pre-measured ease of mixing, ColorPlus Fusion ensures a fool-proof way of creating new colors in the field.

Here is How it Works:

  1. Split a 55-gal drum of Neutral Concentrate (with or without sand) equally into two drums.
  2. Add two gallons of ColorPlus Pigment to each half.
  3. For ColorPlus Fusion, add one gallon of each separate pigment color to create the desired choice. (Example: one gallon of light green + one gallon of red = brown concentrate)

This makes it easy to create as little as 30 gallons of a new color at regular cost, with minimal leftovers.

As with the standard ColorPlus Pigments, Fusion works with all of our Neutral Based systems:

Download the ColorPlus Fusion brochure below for the full expanded color chart!