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Black Dispersion

Black Dispersion

SportMaster Black Dispersion is a highly concentrated water-based pigment dispersion designed for tinting Neutral Acrylic Resurfacer, Neutral Color Concentrate or latex used in latex and rubber running track surfaces.

Sizes Available
1 Gallon Pail, 5 Gallon Pail, 55 gallon Drum

black dispersion

Black Pigment is a highly concentrated water-based pigment.


SportMaster Pre-Dispersed pigments are water based pigment dispersions designed for tinting latexes used in the construction of latex/rubber running tracks.


  • Tennis Courts
  • Multi Purpose/Basketball

Mixing Procedures

Level of pigment dispersion usage will vary depending on degree of color tinting desired. A standard guideline is 1 pint of Pre-Dispersed Pigment for each gallon of latex.


Follow application instructions for SportMaster products.

Clean Up

Wash tools in water before material dries.

Catalog Unit Size Unit Weight
View in Catalog 1 gal. Pail 11 lbs.
5 gal. Keg 53 lbs.
55 gal. Drum 590 lbs.