Bulk Tank System

Colorplus bulk tank system

The SportMaster ColorPlus Bulk System is the most convenient method of storing and dispensing color coatings. This tank system is comprised of two 3,000 gallon tanks, which allows for a total material delivery of 5,000 gallons of SportMaster Neutral Concentrate, or 4,000 gallons of SportMaster Neutral Concentrate with Sand. The Neutral Concentrate is delivered by a bulk tanker and pumped into the tanks through the top fill valves. Tanks in varying sizes for Acrylic Resurfacer or water are easily added to utilize the same pumping system.

The SportMaster ColorPlus Bulk System is a bulk tank device specifically engineered for the material storage and dispersion of SportMaster Neutral Concentrate.

The ColorPlus Bulk System has been designed for maximum efficiency of cost, handling, and drum disposal, making it the most productive and profitable method of mixing and handling SportMaster ColorPlus. Drums can be rinsed, reused, and filled to a level allowing for the addition of pigment, dilution, and sand- eliminating the time and mess of transferring from a full drum to an empty drum with a bucket.

E1807 Dual Tank System* – This system requires a compressor to drive the pump (30 CFM recommended), see option below. Includes kits E1808 and P50279
E1808 Dual Tank Kit – Includes (2) 3,000 gallon poly tanks, fill fittings, and decals
P50279 Bulk Tank Pump Kit – includes 1 1/2” ARO pump system with basket strainer assy., connections, and hoses
E1806 Single Tank with Fittings – Includes (1) 3,000 gallon poly tank, fill fittings, bottom exit fittings, and decals
P458A044 13 H.P. Rol-Air 30 Gallon Gas Air Compressor
P735A047 Filter/Regulator with gauge
Tennis Bulk Pump System

The most convenient method of storing and dispensing color coatings.


  • Increase Profits by Eliminating the use of Drums & Their Disposal & Handling Costs
  • Bulk Tanks Require Less Horizontal Space than a Truckload of Drums
  • Lower Price Per Gallon of Material
  • Eliminate Time & Mess of Transferring from a Full Drum to an Empty Drum
  • More Mixing Options: Material can be Pumped into 30 Gallon Kegs, 55 Gallon Drums, & 275 Gallon Totes


  • Designed for material storage and dispensing of Neutral Concentrate (with or without sand).
  • Minimize the usage and disposal costs of drums.
  • Receive bulk shipments at a lower price per gallon (eliminate packaging costs).
  • Multiple tank sizes available.


  • Dimensions (for pictured tanks 95”w x 109”h
  • Fill Opening – 10”
  • Drain Fitting – 2”
  • Capacity – 3,000 gals.
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