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Flexible Concentrate

A unique acrylic color formulation engineered to match the flexibility in the cushion layers of the CushionMaster™ Systems. These color coatings maintain their flexibility over time. Flexible Concentrate is designed to be mixed with ColorPlus™ Pigment Dispersion to achieve desired color. CushionMaster is an excellent choice for building a cushioned tennis court surfacing project.

Sizes Available
5 Gallon Pail, 30 Gallon Keg, 55 gallon Drum

Yield calculations are based on undiluted gallons of Flexible Concentrate and vary according to surface texture and porosity within the limits below:

.05 to .07 Gallons per square yard per coat.

Colors Available

Forest Green
Light Green
Dark Green
Brown (field mixed)
Tournament Purple
Light Blue
Dove Gray
Ice Blue
Brite Red
* Colors may very slightly from actual product.

Flexible Tennis Court Color

100% acrylic emulsion coating designed as a color coating for SportMaster Cushion Systems.


Flexible Concentrate is a 100% acrylic emulsion coating designed as a color coating for SportMaster Cushion Systems. The elastomeric properties of Flexible Concentrate provide resiliency and flexibility when applied to layers of CushionMaster I and II.


Surface Preparation

Surface must be cleaned entirely of dust, dirt , and debris. CushionMaster layers must be completely dry before applying Flexible Concentrate.

Mixing Procedures

Mix materials to a smooth, uniform consistency.

  • Flexible Concentrate – 55 gals.
  • SportMaster ColorPlus – 4 gals.
  • Silica Sand (80 – 100 mesh AFS) – 400 lbs.
  • Water – 28-33 gals.

The following mix design is for a 30 gallon keg of Flexible Concentrate:

  • Flexible Concentrate – 30 gals.
  • SportMaster ColorPlus – 2 gals.
  • Water – 15-18 gals.
  • Silica Sand (80 – 100 mesh AFS – 200 lbs.

Note:Mix thoroughly to ensure complete dispersion of ColorPlus.


Apply with a soft rubber squeegee. A minimum of two coats are recommended. Three coats are recommended for the ProCushion System.


Stir material thoroughly before using. Temperature must be a minimum of 50° F. and rising before application. Do not apply when raining is imminent or forecast. Keep from freezing. Close container when not in use.

Drying Time

Flexible Concentrate dries in 30 to 60 minutes under optimum drying conditions. Low ambient or low surface temperature and high humidity increase drying time.

Clean Up

Wash tools in water before material dries.

Catalog Unit Size Unit Weight
View in Catalog 5 gal.Pail 48 lbs.
30 gal.Pail 305 lbs.
55 gal. Pail 570 lbs.