Colorplus bulk tank system

Crack Cleaners

Billy Goat Grazor
An industry favorite for cleaning cracks prior to cracksealing.

Little Wonder Crack Cleaner
Ideal for cleaning dirt, debris, and vegetation from cracks prior to cracksealing.

Color Coating

Our line of asphalt preparation equipment greatly reduces prep time for the coating professional.
Billy Goat Description
T6370 Billy Goat Crevice Cleaner
P153A096 8” replacement brush
Little Wonder Description
T6305 Pro Crack Cleaner, 4 HP Honda GX120, attachment with 9″ wire brush
T6300 Pro Edger with 3.5 HP B&S engine and a crack cleaner attachment with 9″ wire brush
P150A002 9” replacement brush


Billy Goat
  • 8” twisted wire brush and 4 H.P. Honda GX engine.
Little Wonder
  • Adjustable front wheels.
  • Long lasting wire wheel, heavy-duty 9″ wire wheel.
  • 4 HP Honda engine
  • Lightweight and low center of gravity, increases maneuverability and makes it easy to load and unload.
Catalog Description
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