What causes streaking on a tennis court surface?

Question: What causes streaking on a tennis court surface?

Answer: There are many variables that may contribute to streaks and splotches on a tennis court surface. Excessive streaking, in most cases, is from over dilution of the color coating materials. There is an acceptable range of dilution stated on the specification sheets and labels, depending on pavement temperatures. Make sure not to exceed this range, and if needed, wait until cooler periods to apply your next coat. Morning is ideal for application during very hot days. If the ambient temperatures are above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, it may be st to schedule applications during the morning.

Another helpful procedure to minimize streaking, on hot days, is to mist the surface approximately 3 to 5 feet ahead of the squeegee applicator. This helps to drop the surface temperature, minimize coating shock, and slow evaporation of the water (vehicle) in the coatings. The surface can be slightly damp during application of the Acrylic Resurfacer and color coatings, but make sure not to create any puddles.

Here are a few pictures that demonstrate streaking from over dilution:

Streaky Tennis Court

Streaky Tennis Court


Other basic items that can contribute to streaks on the surface are:

Using the incorrect tool/squeegee for application.
A sport squeegee with 50-60 durometer softness of rubber is ideal for application of acrylic sport surfaces. Rubber blades that are softer can wipe the material off and harder (stiffer) rubber blades can drag the sand through and create more visible streaks. The SportMaster sport squeegee is perfectly designed for applying acrylic coatings with a tapered edge and targeted softness.

Not using the correct sand in the tennis court surface (color coatings).
Rounded sand is recommended in the colored surface coatings. Angular cut sand drags under the application squeegee blade, where rounded sands will “roll” and minimize visible streaking left on the color coating surfaces. Never use “playground” sand. It usually contains small stones and/or dusty sand.

Utilizing the wrong pouring technique.
Pour marks can appear on the surface, even from earlier coats. This can happen when the coatings are poured directly onto the surface and not into an existing puddle. The surface can appear splotchy or even streaky, and highlight each pass of the squeegee.

Proprietary Formulation.
SportMaster is specifically formulated with a proprietary blend to provide a pure, vibrant coating that produces a streak-free finish. If properly diluted, SportMaster will provide a finish without streaking issues known as “bacon stripping” or “highlighting”.