KleanRite Vacuums


The patented KleanRite™ vacuums are available in two different models. Both models are equipped with self cleaning Reverse Flow Technology, operate below 67 DB-A and are capable of operating wet or dry.

Vacuums attach to Kut-Rite Scarifiers.

Item # Description
T7303 KRV15 KleanRite 110V
T7304 KRV25 KleanRite 220V
P170A009 Vacuum Hose 2” x 25’
P170A010 Sweeper Wand with Extension
P170A011 KleanRite Fleece Filter KRU25 and KRU15
P170A012 Plastic Bag Pack (5 each)


  • Reverse Flow filter cleaning technology provides continuous suction
  • Wet/Dry Operation
  • Two-stage turbines and bypass motors deliver high flow volume and pressure
  • Auto shut-off when debris tank is full
  • Sturdy steel frame cart with stainless steel canister
  • Quiet motor technology generates low noise rating below 67 d(B)A
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