Colorplus bulk tank system

Striping & Line Marking

Graco & Titan Striping Machines Offering a full line of sprayers. 1 and 2 gun units. Offered in multiple confugurations.

Striping Machines

Graco Striping Machines
Color Coating Graco LineLazer 5900
Graco LineLazer 3900
Graco LineLazer 3400
Titan Striping Machines
Colorplus bulk tank system PowrLiner™ 9900XLT
PowrLiner™ 8900XLT
PowrLiner™ 6900XLT
PowrLiner™ 4900XLT
PowrLiner™ 2800M
Lazy Liner™

Athletic Field Marking Systems

Line Marking Machines & Wands
Striping Machine Stripe Traffic Machine – T6625
Designed for Stripe Traffic Paints, this easy-to-use machine applies crisp, even 2” to 4” lines to concrete or asphalt.
Stripe Athletic Marking Machine – T6626
Designed for use with Stripe Athletic Field Paints. Allows application of lines up to 2” to 4” on athletic field or other turf surfaces. Features larger wheels.
Marking Wand – T6627
For use with all Stripe inverted tip marking paints this light-weight tool is ideal for a wide range of marking applications.
Marking Gun – T6628
Compact and lightweight, this tool is ideal for free-hand marking with any stripe inverted tip marking paint.
Marking Paint
Marking Paint Athletic Field Paint
A specially formulated field marking paint that does not harm grass.
Stripe Latex Traffic Paint
Water-based acrylic paint that can be applied to freshly applied pavement sealers (allow 24 hours for sealer to cure). Available in white, yellow, handicap blue.
Stripe Extra Traffic Paint
Formulated for heavy duty application in high traffic areas. Offers maximum adhesion and durability. Ideally suited for asphalt or concrete. Do not apply to fresh sealer.
Stripe Traffic Paint
High solids traffic paint ideally suited for asphalt or concrete. Do not apply to fresh sealer.
Inverted Tip Marking Paint
A heavy duty general purpose construction marking paint available in Fluorescent Red for bright, durable markings.
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