Kut-Rite Scarifiers


Kut-Rite Scarifiers are designed for heavy duty surface preparation, heavy removal of concrete, asphalt, thermo-plastic lines, paints, coatings, trowel marks, curled joints, sidewalk trip hazards, etc.


Designed for heavy duty surface preparation.
Item # Description
T7300 Scarifier 8”
T7301 Scarifier 10”
T7302 Scarifier 13”
Parts Description
P170A013 8” Drum with carbide cutters
P170A014 10” Drum with carbide cutters
P170A015 13” Drum with carbide cutters
P170A004 8” Replacement Drum
P170A005 10” Replacement Drum
P170A006 13” Replacement Drum
P170A001 8” Carbide Cutter Set
P170A002 10” Carbide Cutter Set
P170A003 13” Carbide Cutter Set
P170A016 8” Full Face Cutter Set
P170A017 10” Full Face Cutter Set
P170A018 13” Full Face Cutter Set

Parts Description

Carbide (TCT) Cutters:
The standard carbide tip cutters are for grinding, leveling, grooving, cleaning and general surface preparation. The standard carbide tip cutter is a very aggressive cutter designed for removing material fast.

Full Face™ Cutters:
The Full Face™ carbide tip cutter is ideal for removing pavement markings, epoxy, paint, adhesives, mastics, etc. Use the Full Face™ cutter for removal applications that require a flat even finish. The full face of the carbide tip provides 100% removal of surface material with minimal damage to the substrate


  • Zero-depth height adjustment
  • Side access drum assembly for quick and easy cutter changes
  • Swiveling vacuum hook-up for virtually dust-free operation
  • Laser cut front-mounted lifting handles make loading and unloading easy
  • Tethered emergency pull cord for immediate motor shut off Color Coating
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