ITF Pace Ratings – Tennis Surface Speeds | Fast or Slow Tennis Court

SportMaster tennis court surfaces can be factory-mixed or job-mixed to create classified pace ratings per the ITF (International Tennis Federation) Pace Classification Program. Manufacturers of tennis court resurfacing products can send tennis court surface samples to an independent test lab, approved by the ITF, and have their surfacing systems tested. After the initial pace testing, the ITF tests the same samples in their lab to confirm the test results.

SportMaster Sport Surfaces can supply acrylic tennis court surfaces to meet all of the ITF classified paces: Slow, Medium-Slow, Medium, Medium-Fast, and Fast. So if you are looking for a slow tennis court, fast tennis court, or something in between, we can provide you with a solution.

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Pace Rating Certificates

Classification PDF
SportMaster 1 – Slow pdf-icon
SportMaster 2 – Medium-Slow pdf-icon
SportMaster 3 – Medium pdf-icon
SportMaster 4 – Medium Fast pdf-icon
SportMaster 5 – Fast pdf-icon