Colorplus bulk tank system

Hand Tools

In order to ensure the highest quality sport surfacing results, SportMaster supplies the finest grade of tools for the job. From the sport squeegee and patching straightedge, to the line taping machine, we carry many of the specialty tools used by professional tennis court surfacing contractors daily.

Line Taping Machine
A must tool for striping tennis courts, basketball courts, and other surfaces where precision markings are required. Lays down strips of 1” to 2” wide masking tape from 1 to 4 inches wide.
Color Coating Line Taping Machine – T7600
Pole Extension Kit
(For 3-point lines and extra large circles) – T7610
Color Coating Watermiser Waterboom 21” – T5116
Watermiser Waterbroom 31” – T5117
Watermiser Waterbroom 36” – T5118
Watermiser Waterbroom 46” – T5119
CourtMaster Royale Dryer – T5121
PVA replacement roller – T5131
Proline 7’ drag broom – T5150
CourtMaster Line Brush – T5140
Squeegee/Replacement Parts
The Lightweight Aluminum Squeegee includes a 1 3/8” diameter, 82” handle. Ideal for Tennis Court Coatings (with Sport Blade option).
Color Coating 36” Sports Squeegee Complete – T1272
48” Sports Squeegee Complete – T1292
36” neoprene Sport Blade refill – softer tapered blade – T1326
48” Sport Blade refill – T1327
36” neoprene refill – T1281
48” neoprene refill – T1301
60” neoprene refill – T1321
Patching Straight Edge
The smoothest patches ever in just one pass of the straightedge. Ideal for patching and filling low spots in tennis courts, parking lots, and driveways. Makes patching a one-man operation. Lightweight yet durable metal construction. Available in 4, 6, 8, and 10 ft. widths. Includes wood handle.
Color Coating 4-foot with handle – T1500
6-foot with handle – T1510
8-foot with handle – T1520
10-foot with handle – T1530
Straightedge handle – T1490