Tennis Court Accessories

Court Accessories

SportMaster distributes a variety of tennis court accessories. A full line of tennis nets, posts, and windscreens are available for your facility.

Tennis Nets
Tennis Court Nets
CourtMaster Royale – T4905

3mm braided body, double (2) layer vinyl headband, double top 6 mesh body, fiberglass dowels, 42’ x 3 1/4’.

CourtMaster DHS – T4915

3mm braided body, 42’ x 3 1/4’, double (2) layer vinyl headband, coated cable, dowels: also available in 33’ and 36’ lengths for single courts.

Royale Tidyfit-Tapered – T5210

42″ high at the posts. Tapers to 36″ high at the center strap. 3mm net body, double layer headband, fiberglass dowels.

Net Posts
Tennis Court Net Posts COURTMASTER ROYALE NET POSTS – ROUND – Round internal wind net posts – 3” O.D.
Net Posts – GreenT4970G
Net Posts – BlackT4970B
PVC Net Post SleevesT4955
Galvanized Net Post SleevesT4960
COURTMASTER ROYALE NET POSTS – SQUARE – Square internal wind net posts – 3” sq.
Net Posts – GreenT5170G
Net Posts – BlackT5170B
Galvanized Net Post SleevesT5175
Net Posts – GreenT5000G
Net Posts – BlackT5000B
PVC Net Post SleevesT5005
Net Posts Sleeve Caps
Tennis Net Post Sleeve Caps Aluminum Sleeve Caps – Round 3” O.D. (set of 2)T5015
Aluminum Sleeve Caps – Square (set of 2)T5016
Center Strap
Tennis Net Center Straps Polypropylene and Slides Center StrapT4935
Polypropylene, Velcro, Snap Center StrapT4945
Pipe Anchor, Galvanized AluminumT5010
Windscreens & Windscreen Accessories
Tennis Court Wind Screen Royale Screen/Open Mesh – Available in 6’ and 9’ heights.
6’ GreenT5020G
9’ GreenT5021G*
6’ BlackT5020B
9’ BlackT5021B*
PVC Vinyl Coated Polyester / Open Mesh – Available in 6’ and 9’ heights.
6’ GreenT5030G
9’ GreenT5031G*
6’ BlackT5030B
9’ BlackT5031B*
Air Master I / Open Mesh – Leno polypropylene open mesh. Available in 6’ and 9’ heights.
6’ GreenT5040G
9’ GreenT5041G*
6’ BlackT5040B
9’ BlackT5041B*
Extra Bound 6” x 12” windowsT5060
Bound half moon vent w/flapT5070
Cissel Snaps box of 100 (install every 15 inches)T5100
Ty-Raps case of 100 (install every 15 inches)T5110
Nylon Rope Cord roll of 500 ft. black or green (fastens windscreens) – T5160
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